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How to Make a Text Fire Smoke Intro in Kinemaster

How to Make a Text Fire Smoke Intro in Kinemaster

 javagrafis.com - Video is an important part for a youtuber, apart from creating interesting content, there are other things you need to pay attention to, namely how to make intro, bumper, and opening videos. In general, this is an important part for viewers so that they will decide whether to continue or not watch the video.

How to Make a Text Fire Smoke Intro in Kinemaster


As a YouTuber, quality videos are very important. Quality videos are not only seen from interesting content or content, but also how a youtuber is able to make bumpers, openings to intros that lead the audience. These three things are important parts that will make the audience stay or not.

In this case, try to look at some famous youtubers such as Ria Ricis, Deddy Corbuzier and others. They always have a good opening so the audience will be curious as to what the content of the video is showing. In fact, there are some youtubers who are inspired to make an opening that is almost similar.
There are three types of introductory videos, namely bumpers, openings and intros. At first glance, all three seem the same, but they are not. Bumper is the term for the earliest opening containing a title. Opening contains effects that will be given a title so that it looks interesting. While the intro is a song or sound to deliver the bumper and opening.

So, so that you can better understand the three of them, it would be nice to pay attention to how to make the following intro, bumper, and opening videos. watch to the end and practice on the video you have made. Make your best videos trending on youtube.

Create Bumper Videos

How to make a bumper video is very easy. One of them uses Adobe Premier software which is often used in video editing. Bumper is the opening animation in a video that contains identity recognition. Having a bumper makes it easier for viewers to recognize your site. The steps in making a bumper video are as follows:

  • If you already have Adobe Premier software, then open the software and set it up as you wish.
  • The first step that can be done is to give a title. Come up with a catchy title so the audience will be impressed. In creating a title you need to click File Menu – select New – select title.
  • After that, a dialog box will appear. You need to fill it according to the title you have created.
  • Save your title by clicking ctrl+s on the keyboard. Do the same steps to create another video title.
  • When the steps above have been completed, now drag the title that has been made to the timeline box.
  • If you have entered the timeline, you can make creations on the titles that have been made. For example, by adding a transition so that the title does not feel bland and empty.
  • When you are done with your work, don't forget to save it by selecting the File menu – save.
  • Do not forget to check the results that you have made by rendering the video via the file menu - export - movie. After that, re-save and see the result on your windows.

Create Intro Videos

In making videos, the intro is an important part. A bad intro will affect the audience's decision to continue watching or not. In general, the intro is defined as the opening in the form of sound in a video. How to make it quite easy, which is as follows:
  • In making video intros, you can use the most popular application, namely KineMaster. The first step, open the KineMaster application and create a new project by inserting a video that will be used as an opening into the storyboard.
  • Then, add music by clicking the music icon and select the music you want to use. Add music to your storyboard. In this case, you don't need to cut the music, as it will automatically adjust the length of your opening video.
  • After you finish attaching music to the video, the final process is rendering or exporting. You can do this process by going back to the beginning of KineMaster and then exporting the video. Choose HD resolution for maximum results.
  • When finished, you can combine the video intro into the youtube video that you have created and edited in quality.
How? Still believe in videos without bumpers, openings and intros? If not, then immediately make edits to your video so that it will be more interesting. There's nothing wrong with making your loyal audience more comfortable with the quality videos you make. Hopefully these fun tips on how to make intro, bumper, and opening videos help you.

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How to Make a Text Fire Smoke Intro in Kinemaster
How to Make a Text Fire Smoke Intro in Kinemaster
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