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How to Create a Futuristic 3d Intro in After Effects Tutorial

How to Create a Futuristic 3d Intro in After Effects Tutorial

 javagrafis.com - In making video content, a content creator is indeed required to be able to make a video as attractive as possible with the aim that many people are interested in seeing it and furthermore so that the video is watched from the beginning to the end of the duration of the video. However, it is important to note that it is quite difficult to make viewers stick to the content that we create, some big content creators may be able to make the audience feel at home for long watching until the video ends, but it is different for novice content creators or those who are just starting the world of video creation. Even if there are people who are interested in watching the video, they are very lucky, especially until they watch it to the end.

How to Create a Futuristic 3d Intro in After Effects Tutorial

Importance of Video Bumpers in your video content for certain platforms

For example, on the YouTube platform, viewers may easily be attracted by attractive thumbnails and curious titles. But in the end, whether or not the viewer lasts for the duration of the video is still quite a headache, especially if the content created is boring. Therefore, a content creator must make videos as attractive as possible so that people who come to watch videos can feel at home for a long time watching all the shows from your video, that's why a video must meet several important aspects that make it interesting, one of which is the video bumper provided by video bumper services and is still rarely noticed by content creators other than the video content itself, of course.

As is known, video bumpers from several video bumper services are glimpses or very short duration shows which usually feature animated images or illustrations that describe the identity of the video maker himself. You may have often seen this video bumper on several television shows that contain a little animation of the logo from the production house of the film or video, this is an identity that must always be attached both at the beginning and at the end of the video. However, when applied to video content on YouTube, the bumper is more identical to the show at the beginning of the video than at the end of the video, considering that people rarely watch until the end of the duration of this video.

Especially with the display of recommended videos from channel owners at the end of the video, it's no wonder that video bumpers are now starting to tend to be placed only at the beginning of the video. So in this case the video bumper can be said to be very important and it is mandatory for its presence in a video show, especially at the beginning of the duration of a video, it can be in the form of an animated logo display or other illustrations that describe the identity and character of the video owner. But not only that, video bumpers also have various purposes other than informing the identity of the video owner, and here are some of them.

The purpose of the video bumper

1. Self introduction

As mentioned above, the video bumper is a glimpse of the impression that is displayed at the beginning of the video as a provider of information regarding the identity of the owner of a video and this can also be interpreted as moments where the creator or owner of the video introduces himself to the audience through the animated show. By boldly introducing yourself and being able to make the audience understand the hidden meaning of the video bumper, it is certain that if you as the owner of the video, you will be more widely known through the characters displayed in the animated bumper video from several bumper video services.

2. Curious

If you are working on the YouTube or Facebook platforms, then thumbnails certainly have a big enough role to play in leading the target audience so that they feel interested and eventually want to go to the videos you make, but that's not all, because after that, the video bumper will play a role. It must be admitted that the video bumper also has a big role in making the viewing atmosphere even more interesting,

Through the video bumper from this interesting video bumper service, you can be sure that the potential for people to keep watching your videos is even greater. This desire to continue watching is generally influenced by curiosity that arises after a video bumper is shown, with only a duration of between 5 to 10 seconds on the video bumper and has the potential to make your video watch longer, isn't that very profitable for you?

3. Adding showtimes

As mentioned earlier, video bumpers that you can make yourself or order from video bumper services are also proven to increase the viewing time of video content. The duration of 5 to 10 seconds on the video bumper is indeed very small, but with its large role in maintaining the interest of the audience to continue watching the entirety of your video shows, it is not impossible that later on your channel will also have higher viewing hours than before, you know that showtimes on the youtube platform are very important especially for those of you who plan to build a channel that is able to generate coffers later.

4. Evoke the emotions of the audience

It should be noted that the audience's emotions can be controlled even from the initial duration of a video being shown, therefore the bumper display in the opening video will be very useful for the audience themselves and of course the video content that you have created because you are able to arouse the emotions of the audience, the potential of your video for them to see will be even greater. The emotion referred to here is not anger but directed at the viewer's own feelings, so by evoking this emotion the audience will be more excited and excited to watch your video longer. Especially if you have a good video bumper from a trusted video bumper service

The conclusion of the video bumper service

Seeing from the many purposes and functions of bumper footage in a video, it can be interpreted that bumper videos will be needed by every content creator not only on the YouTube or Facebook platforms but also on several other shows. Therefore, making a video bumper must be as attractive as possible and can represent your identity and character or the video content you create, this may be quite difficult for novice content creators or those who are not too familiar with making video bumpers with animations which are quite troublesome.

Even so a You don't need to worry because now there are quite a lot of video bumper services that you can use to make the best possible bumper in your video, the price offered also varies depending on the level of difficulty during the video bumper making process. Of course, don't be wrong in choosing your video bumper making service. Make sure you choose a service that is truly trusted and has lots of good reviews. Because it will really help your video content to look more attractive to your loyal and new viewers.

Download of Materials Futuristic 3d Intro in After Effects

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How to Create a Futuristic 3d Intro in After Effects Tutorial
How to Create a Futuristic 3d Intro in After Effects Tutorial
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